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I absolutely love The Kitty Tube! My cats are safe and it blends right into my landscaping.

I appreciate that The Kitty Tube is made from recycled materials. Thanks Kitty Tube!!

Made in the USA... the only way to buy!

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About Us

How the Kitty Tube came to be:

My name is Jim Bradac, and I am the inventor of the Kitty Tube. Along with my wife Jenifer, and my ten beautiful children, we run Kitty Tube LLC as a family business in Hudson Wi. This is the story of how the Kitty Tube came to be.

In the fall of 2009, a few of my  children came to me with a concern. They said, “Dad, because Mom is so allergic to cats inside the house, we need someplace warm so they can stay outside”. Well, I looked at the store and found nothing for an insulated cat house. So, being an inventor already, I decided to retrofit my existing invention, The Ceme-Tube, to become an outdoor shelter for our family cats.

The Ceme-Tube is my original product which I invented in 2004. The Ceme-Tube is a plastic alternative to the cardboard forming tubes used to make deck footings and piers. It is unique, patented, and will someday replace the cardboard forming tube. The many uses of the Ceme-Tube over and above its intended purpose have always been amazing. Now, it is destined to become the most popular insulated Cat house on the market. For more info on the Ceme-Tube products please go to: www.cemetube.com

I took a 24” Ceme-Tube, cut it shorter, routered an entrance hole for the cat, and made nice hand holes in the lid to serve as both handles and ventilation. I placed a round pet pillow inside, and immediately the cats took to it as their new home. I spent the rest of 2009 into 2010 refining my design, adding a custom insulation assembly, and by September, I had a model fit for the consumer.

After placing the Kitty Tube on Amazon.com, it became an immediate hit. In fact, by Christmas we became one of the top 100 new companies on Amazon. It was sold for only three months, as we then discontinued the original model to provide a new and greatly improved model for 2011.

After many needed refinements noted by customers on our original model, the New and improved Kitty Tube was released in Oct. of 2011, and is quickly becoming the best selling cat house on Amazon. In the first three months, we already had 185+ 5 star reviews on both product and company. We now boast well over 700 5 star reviews on Amazon!!!

The Kitty Tube is completely made in the USA, and the shell is molded from post consumer content consisting of recycled milk and detergent bottles. By purchasing a Kitty Tube you are not only supporting our family, but many more families in the USA that provide materials and services in the manufacturing of the best insulated cat house on the market - The Kitty Tube.

Sincerely, Jim Bradac- Inventor of the Kitty Tube.