About New Gen 4

One of the biggest issues of ANY outdoor insulated cat house is condensation.
Condensation is caused mostly from cats breathing inside, and is nearly unavoidable in any outdoor insulated cat house. No other outdoor cat house on the market today addresses the condensation issue more than The Kitty Tube. No other insulated cat house on the market, can offer the level of protection the Kitty Tube does to keep your cat safe, and warm during the cold seasons.
We at The Kitty Tube have been continually modifying our design to eliminate condensation buildup. The new Gen 4 Kitty Tube is designed to prevent condensation from ever affecting your cat.
What is different about the new Gen 4 Kitty Tube design:
• The Gen 4 Kitty Tube bottom floor insulation is now 15% thicker than the previous Gen 3 model.
• The floor insulation is elevated up off the bottom of the Kitty Tube to keep it higher up off the cold ground.
• A new special flow through bottom layer will now keep all moisture caused by condensation from reaching the bed area of your cat.
• The new and improved drainage system in the bottom of the Kitty Tube will channel any moisture out of the shelter.
We will be selling a retrofit kit to convert any existing Kitty Tube to the new Gen 4 design. We recommend this kit as an important step to providing your cat the very best protection available.
The Gen 4 Kitty Tube is by far the highest quality cat house on the market today. We will continue to improve our design to remain the best cat house you can buy!
All Kitty Tubes sold after Aug. 17, 2020 will be the new Gen 4 Model. Order yours today, and be ready for the upcoming cold season!!
Retrofit kits available soon.