The Kitty Tube-Generation 3 Features:

Updated Door awning with removable clear flap door

The Kitty Tube™ - Generation 3 door awning was re-designed in 2016 for improved rain and snow protection, a better fit, better retention and now includes a gasket to eliminate any water weepage around the edges. The updated clear, removable flap door has also been redesigned to repel wind and fit better. This clear flap door can be installed and removed easily without tools. The clear flap door will help keep heat inside the Kitty Tube during cold weather seasons. The updated door awning and clear flap door combination will fit all previous model Kitty Tubes that have the Kitty Tube LOGO on the sides. NOTE: This updated door awning is also available for all older model Kitty Tubes. See separate listing. 

All new top lid vent cap

All Kitty Tube™ - Generation 3  models now include a top lid vent cap. This cap is needed to eliminate moisture laden air that can build up under the top lid. This moisture laden air can cause condensation in certain temperature swings. The vent cap serves the same purpose as the vents on the roof of your own home that expel excessive moisture in the winter and heat in the summer. The vent cap is very important in maintaining a dry interior for your cat. NOTE: The vent cap is also sold separately to install on all older model Kitty Tubes and will greatly improve their performance. A 1½ inch hole is needed on the top in the dead center of the lid to install. We recommend using a standard 1½ inch hole saw to make this hole.


Ventilation/Hand hole awnings

The Kitty Tube™ - Generation 3 includes awnings that protect the handle/ventilator holes in the lid from rain and snow. With the hand hole awnings, there is no longer a need to close the handle/ventilation holes when rain is imminent. These new awnings completely protect the openings and provide a comfortable handle to remove the lid or move the Kitty Tube™ to a new location. The new ventilation/hand hole awnings can be purchased separately and will fit all previous model Kitty Tubes™ that have the Kitty Tube™ logo on the side.


Scratch Guard™ insulation feature

The Kitty Tube™ - Generation 3 includes a Scratch Guard™ interior. The Scratch Guard™  material is an extremely durable surface and is on all interior surfaces. It will virtually eliminate damage from your cat clawing and scratching.  The new Scratch Guard™ material on all interior surfaces is also moisture proof, mold proof, mildew proof, and bacteria proof. Cat urine and male spray will no longer soak into the insulation.

NOTE: The new Scratch Guard™ material is also on the “optional” Double Insulation Assemlby.


Vapor proof insulation feature

The Kitty Tube™ - Generation 3, with new and improved Vapor Proof interior. This new Vapor Proof feature is on all interior surfaces, and will considerably reduce any condensation that can sometimes occur when bitter cold outside temps, meet warm moist interior air.  This new feature will keep the interior vapor from migrating through the insulation and into the top lid cavity. To help avoid any condensation, leave the top ventilation holes slightly open even in the winter.

NOTE: The new Vapor Proof material is also on the “optional” Double Insulation Assembly.


Slightly elevated bottom with new drainage system

The bottom surface of the Kitty Tube™ - Generation 3 is slightly elevated off the ground and now incorporates a built in channel and drainage system to eliminate any subsequent moisture that might enter the Kitty Tube™ for the unforeseen occurrence of moisture from wet pets, extreme blowing snow or extreme blowing rain.


Easier to clean Insulation feature

The Kitty Tube™ - Generation 3 insulation is now easier to remove and clean. No longer is the insulation formed into a permanent circular shape, but the new insulation with Scratch Guard™ will lay flat when removed for easy of cleaning. The new Scratch Guard™ material on all interior insulation surfaces is also moisture proof, mold proof, mildew proof, and bacteria proof. Deodorizing and sanitizing of the interior is now a breeze, as cat urine or spray from a male cat will not soak into the Scratch Guard™ material.


“SAFE” Low Voltage Heater

Our heating pad is flexible to your pet’s body giving your pet a warm, luxurious and radiant heat. The Kitty Tube heating pad is always on keeping your cat’s bed warm and cozy when they return from the outdoors. 

This heater is of a SAFE design as there is no high voltage power inside the Kitty Tube. This design eliminates the risk of fire or electrocution to your pet. The plug in adapter fits ALL outdoor outlets.

  • Always on, soft, warm and completely rated for outdoor use
  • Safe low voltage design virtually eliminates the risk of electrocution and/or fire in the Kitty Tube.
  • The Kitty Tube heating pad provides continuous thermostatically controlled heat which will never exceed 102 degrees Fahrenheit. (105 degrees F is the maximum safe temperature for cats.)
  • AC 100-240 Volt input. 12 volt DC output to the heater. Power consumption is 15 watts.
  • Rated and tested for indoor and outdoor use. The heater and all components are fully sealed.
  • Measures approx. 12” x 16” 
  • The cord length runs approximately 5 feet from outlet to the Kitty Tube. 

Warranty Information

12 month replacement warranty from date of purchase. Warranty covers manufacturers defects, and does not include physical damage or abuse. Replacement warranty covers original purchase only. (See info under Shipping and Returns for more details.)