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The Kitty Tube with Custom Pet Pillow

  • Got this house for some outdoor strays I started feeding (mama and babies) and it's perfect! We live in Texas so the winters don't get too bad but we do have some cold weather so I wanted someplace they could curl up and stay out of the weather. Very well made - love the insulation and the pillow bed is great. Put it out and within 24 hours a couple of the kittens took it over. I'm sure as the weather gets colder they will use it more. Looked at all sorts of other houses and this one fit the bill. Thank you!!


  • We LOVE our Kitty Tube! Such a well made product. Hopefully will give the girls a nice dry warm place to cuddle on rainy SF Bay area days this winter. Thanks for making a great USA product!


  •  I Purchased the Kitty tube Gen.2, with padded Pillow & Extra Insulation (due to NYC Winters), Thanksgiving 2015.
    It is for a shy/very cautious Feral Cat, who we regularly feed.
    We placed the Kitty Tube in a sheltered area, adjacent to our front door.

    Impressions after 1yr.+ - Fabulous Product. Highest Rating, absolutely top-notch. Smartly Designed and very Well built. Cat took to it quickly, and weathered some very harsh NE Winter Weather comfortably. After a brief hiatus during the warmer months, she returned to reclaim full-time residency when the temperature dropped. She seems to love this Product.
    The Kitty Tube, for Cleaning & the placement/removal of Insulation, can be easily assembled/disassembled in minutes.
    The one hitch: We found that the optional plastic windscreen, also purchased, was unacceptable to the cat. This is a reflection on the wariness of the cat, and not the viability of the product. Luckily, it is easily uninstalled.
    Of Major Help, are The Instructional Videos. They are intelligently presented, and easily followed. They take you through installation, step-by-step.
    This small, family owned company, seems to respond quickly to customer feedback. The design alterations, since my purchase of the Gen2, seem to be very useful, and well thought out upgrades. Bottom-line: This Product is a Winner, and in my estimation, well worth the price. I highly recommend it.

The Kitty Tube – Feral Option With Straw Only

  • I love the easy to clean construction and the fact that it is made from recycled materials. I'm hoping the free roaming cats I bought it for appreciate it when the weather turns colder.


  • This came right away and when we put it outside the cats used it immediately! They love it! We put it on our porch under the eaves and the cats are inside the kitty tube when we wake up in the morning. It is wonderfully insulated. Great product! Thank you!


The Kitty Tube with Custom Pet Pillow And Straw

  • I think the kitty tube is the perfect outdoor kitty house. Construction wise it is very strong with inside insulation panels. I love the fact that you can hose it down. I searched and searched for the best outdoor weather protection for our roaming kitty and i found it!!!