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NOTE: All new Kitty Tubes come with awnings. This awning/clear door flap combination will only fit previous model Kitty Tubes that have the Kitty Tube LOGO on the side.

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The awning can be bought as a replacement for any Generation Kitty TubeThe main door awning has been completely re-designed for improved rain/snow protection, a better fit, better retention and it now includes a gasket to eliminate any water weepage around the edges. The removable clear, flap door can be used to repel wind. It will also help keep heat inside the Kitty Tube during cold weather seasons.  The awning and clear, flap door can be installed and removed easily without tools.  It will truly make The Kitty Tube the most weather protected cat house on the market.

-This set includes: one door awning, one removable clear flap door, one awning gasket and one horseshoe to lock the awning in place.

-This awning is a significant upgrade to our original awning. Comes with instructions to install.


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(44 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Awning door

    Posted by Simeon Slayton on 30th Apr 2024

    Extronary quality. Very pleasant and cooperative process

  • 5
    Door Awning & Clear Flap

    Posted by Milton J on 28th Nov 2023

    Got the tub for our outdoor cat but it didn't have the awning nor the flap. Adding both was a breeze and "Stripes" is loving the new sleeping arrangement. The flap stops the draft and any rain from getting blown into the tub. Love this product. Stripes also likes to sit on top and look over his domain.

  • 5
    Door/ Awning/Slotted Thermal Barrier

    Posted by Midniteghost on 16th Nov 2023

    Great Entrance and thermal barrier. Awning keeps the rain and snow out. Excellent system at a fair price.

  • 5
    Fast shipping

    Posted by Michael OMalley on 5th Nov 2022

    Kitty tube ships super fast! All their products are totally worth it. Their awning keeps rain from soaking the inside pad. If you need a replacement, buy this kit. Otherwise the awning is included in the new generation tubes. I love this company and their products.

  • 5
    Door Awning & Clear Flap Door

    Posted by Jenny on 27th Jan 2022

    I just purchased this item cause I had lost my original one. This keeps my cat warm and cozy in his Kitty Tube cause it keeps out the cold air or cold breezes. Easy to install.

  • 5
    Replacement Door Awning & Clear Flap

    Posted by Susan Stancell on 6th Jan 2022

    This part is very helpful for preventing rain and snow from entering the kitty tube. It also helps keep the community cats I take care of warm during cold weather. The kitty tube is the best cat shelter I have ever bought!

  • 5
    replacement awning

    Posted by Kathy on 15th Nov 2021

    Fit perfectly and the u tube video really helped me to get it in. Very easy to do. Have had my kitty tube for many years and am so happy I can continue to purchase replacement parts.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Beverly on 12th Aug 2021

    The door awning provides the cover needed to keep rain out of the kitty tube.

  • 5
    Rain guard

    Posted by Paul on 6th Mar 2021

    Easy install thanks to the instructional video.

  • 5
    Door Awning & Door Flap

    Posted by Elyse A Ross on 16th Feb 2021

    Extremely happy with The Kitty Tube products!! Best out there!

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