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The Kitty Tube Safe Low Voltage Outdoor Electric Heating Pad with Fleece Cover.  FREE SHIPPING.

Our heating pad is flexible to your pet’s body giving your pet a warm, luxurious and radiant heat. The Kitty Tube heating pad is always on keeping your cat’s bed warm and cozy when they return from the outdoors. 

This heater is of a SAFE design as there is no high voltage power inside the Kitty Tube. This design eliminates the risk of fire or electrocution to your pet. The plug in adapter fits ALL outdoor outlets.

  • Always on, soft, warm and completely rated for outdoor use
  • Safe low voltage design
  • The Kitty Tube heating pad provides continuous thermostatically controlled heat which will never exceed 102 degrees Fahrenheit. (105 degrees F is the maximum safe temperature for cats)
  • AC 100-240 Volt input. 12 volt DC output to the heater. Power consumption is 18 watts
  • Rated and tested for indoor and outdoor use. The heater and all components are fully sealed.
  • Measures approx. 16" round (this is larger than the previous model)
  • Size gives kitty the option to lay on the heating pad, or next to it.
  • The cord length runs approximately 4' chew proof plus 4' regular cord from outlet to the Kitty Tube. 

Warranty Information

12 month replacement warranty from date of purchase. Warranty covers manufacturers defects, and does not include physical damage or abuse. Replacement warranty covers original purchase only. (See info under Shipping and Returns for more details.)

Warranty Information

12 month replacement warranty from date of purchase. Warranty covers manufacturers defects and does not include physical damage or abuse. Replacement warranty covers original purchase only. (See info under Shipping and Returns for more details.)


(85 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Heating Pad

    Posted by Janet Knowlton on 14th Nov 2023

    This is seriously an incredible heating pad! I have an older Kitty Tube for our feral cat (inherited from a neighbor) and this keeps the tube so warm and comfy. We did not have a hole for the cord but it was easy to run out the handle area with no problem. It could go out the door too but I just think it was not as good that way. Of course you could drill a low hole but we haven't yet. Our little feral uses the tube 24/7 now. I ordered a second pad just in case something happens so Miss Spoiled always has heat! Fast shipping and excellent product. Don't buy anywhere else. Fits perfectly.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Joanne McLaughlin on 14th Nov 2023

    Your product is exceptional. I have purchased approximately 7 Kitty Tubes in the past 10 years. I have donated 5 to feral cat organizations to protect the cats during the cold winter months and I have 2 at my home for my feral cat with the heater. The donated Kitty Tubes are still operational after being outside in every kind of weather for over 10 years providing shelter for the feral cats.

  • 5
    Awesome product!

    Posted by nancyl on 6th Jul 2023

    Love the Kitty Tube and all the products!

  • 5
    Outdoor heating pad

    Posted by Maureen Roberts on 9th Mar 2023

    Just wish the access hole for the wire was closer to the front. I may drill a hole where I want it.

  • 5
    Heating pad

    Posted by Lois on 2nd Mar 2023

    We have a feral cat and we have bought all kitty tube products including this heating pad. Fabulous products across the line and great company to work with. They stand behind everything they sell. Love the company and this product.

  • 4
    Low voltage heating pad

    Posted by Robert on 29th Dec 2022

    Pad and pad harness well made and work as intended. Power supply is a cube plug with light duty wire - a bit disappointing.

  • 5
    Kittytube outdoor heating pad

    Posted by Jeannine Fisher on 27th Dec 2022

    This outdoor heating pad works great to keep our outdoor cats warm and comfortable even in the extremely cold winter conditions we get here in Midwest. I also like that the pads are somewhat larger than they were a couple years ago.

  • 5
    Outdoor cat loves this.

    Posted by Katrin Ohlemacher on 8th Dec 2022

    I put this in the first Kitty Tube that is on my front porch. I take care of an older feral cat, and this is ideal for him.

  • 5
    Heated kitty pad

    Posted by Jeanne on 8th Dec 2022

    Comfy cozy warm. I use it over the straw in the double insulated kitty tube. Feral kitty loves his heated house

  • 5
    Great Heating Pad

    Posted by Lisa on 4th Dec 2022

    If you have access to electric this heating pad is wonderful for the cold weather especially with below freezing temperatures. If used with the wind strips it really makes the kitty tubes toasty warm. Have been using them in 2 tubes a few weeks now with our below freezing temperatures at night and the outdoor cats love them.

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