Clear Flap Door Replacement

Clear Flap Door Replacement

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Clear Flap Door Replacement

Includes ONE clear flap door to replace on existing door awning set.  DOES NOT include door awning.  Replacement clear flap door can only be used on Generation-3 Kitty Tubes.

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    Clear Flap Door Replacement

    Posted by Tom Judkins on 22nd Nov 2019

    Having misplaced our original clear flap door and with winter approaching, we ordered a replacement for the Kitty Tube we have in place for a neighbourhood feral cat. The replacement door was very affordable, came fairly quickly, and was exactly as described. For all those reasons, we give it full marks. Unfortunately, our feral cat has not used the Kitty Tube since we put the door on whereas he would before we installed the door. We even tried a partial install where it only covered half the door with no better results. So the door is good, but our feral cat doesn't seem to like it. Hopefully yours will.

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    Clear Flap Door Replacement

    Posted by THOMAS KRAEMER on 26th Oct 2019

    when a raccoon ran off with our old flap door last year it wasn't a problem, but now as the weather is getting cooler and we have another stray using our Kitty Tube the flap door does a nice job keeping it cozy and draft free. Cats are not afraid of it because they can see inside and it's easy to head butt open. Worth it to optimize your cats outdoor sanctuary if you live in cold climates.

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    clear flap door replacement

    Posted by Barbara Hunter on 8th Aug 2019

    Love the kitty tubes for all my furry friends. I purchased 3 of them years ago and they still look like new. So very easy to clean both inside and out. Love the fact that I can order replacement parts if needed to do so.


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